Contracting party:          We Effect
Funded By:          We Effect
Starting Date:                   January 2020
Ending Date:                     December 2022

In this new chapter in the partnership between We Effect and ARIJ, ARIJ is now strategic advocacy partner, working with We Effect to strengthen the programme platform on advocacy for more inclusive, sustainable and enabling policies.

ARIJ will back cooperatives and their unions to identify, facilitate, and carry out efforts to push for policy changes that are pro-cooperatives. In addition, ARIJ will continue previous efforts, but with more emphasis towards outreach to youth and women empowerment. ARIJ will support cooperatives to conduct outreach activities to youth, and will conduct gender equity initiatives and campaigns jointly with partners.

Moreover and to respond to the pressing needs of climate resilience in Palestine, ARIJ will introduce two green services and conduct Environment & Social Impact Assessments to promote and build capacity on environment and climate change resilience.