Contracting party:         UN-Habitatt
Funded By:                      UN-Habitat and Al Waleed Philanthropies
Starting Date:                 November 2020
Ending Date:                    January 2021

The assignment aims at providing and installing physical sanitation and hygiene units (Hand washing units)in selected public spaces in the cities of Bethlehem , Beit Sahour , Beit Jala and Al Doha. In particular, the assignment is centered around:

  1. Designing, manufacturing and installing of exterior body of the hand washing machines taking into consideration safety measures and minimized need to touch the surface of the unit by considering different design alternatives;
  2. Developing a communication strategy to raise awareness on personal health safety and hygiene in public spaces and other issues related to COVID-19 prevention and coping strategies, targeting mainly youth and women in both Bethlehem area and camps.
  3. Conducting training and awareness to the targeted municipalities and local community leaders on the proper use and maintenance of the hand washing unites; and
  4. Producing communication and publication materials to spread awareness on the hand washing units (their function, locations, proper care, etc.).
  5. Raising awareness on personal health safety, hygiene and the best behaviors in the surrounding environment to keep safe and healthy during the pandemic.