Contracting party:         United Palestinian Appeal (UPA)
Funded By:                      United Palestinian Appeal (UPA)
Starting Date:                 May 2021
Ending Date:                    May 2022

The project aims at strengthening Women-Led Small Businesses and economic resilience in Anza and Al-Jalamah Villages, Jenin Governorate through utilizing the agro-commodities products (Luffa and Soap) to create job/business opportunities for women and youth along the production-processing and marketing value chain.

The project has three specific outcomes: Outcome one: 43 rural women at Al-Jalameh women club and Anza women club acquire the knowledge, skills and best practices to process new/improved high quality natural agricultural products and 25 rural women become economically active; Outcome two: 10 Fresh Graduated university students have job opportunities to assist in improving the quality of the produced agro-commodities, labeling and packaging (luffa and soap); and Outcome three: Engage the private sector to support targeted  rural women from Anza and Al-Jalameh Women’s Club by promoting and selling their commodities within feasible and sustainable marketing models.