Contracting party (Lead Partner):         The Palestinian Hydrology Group – Palestine (PHG)
Funded By:                      The Global Environment Facility/Small Grants Programme (”GEF SGP”), implemented by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on behalf of the GEF Partnership and executed by UNOPS
Starting Date:                 August 2022
Ending Date:                   May 2023

The primary goal of the project is to strengthen the capacity of communities and civil society organizations in addressing global environmental challenges. To achieve this, the project has identified three sub-objectives. Firstly, to create a consultative process that brings together various target groups to exchange knowledge. Secondly, to improve the capacity of small organizations and cooperatives to benefit from funding opportunities by upgrading their qualifications in various topics. Finally, to enhance the target group’s innovation for new project ideas and to upgrade their knowledge and skills.

The project will be implemented in three steps. Firstly, priority stakeholders will be identified. Secondly, a needs assessment will be conducted to determine the areas where capacity building is required. Finally, capacity building workshops will be organized to provide training and support to the target groups. By following these steps, the project aims to enhance the capacity of communities and civil society organizations to address global environmental challenges effectively