Funded By:          OCHA United Nation Office for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Starting Date:                   November 2019
Ending Date:                     November 2020

This project will provide adequate safe water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) facilities and services to 5,348 vulnerable Palestinians in the West Bank living in Abdullah Younis and Barta’a villages, thereby reducing the vulnerability of these two communities located in Area C and behind the Wall who do not have access to adequate WASH services.
This project is designed to provide comprehensive intervention to ensure equitable, affordable, and sustainable access to safe and sufficient WASH services with dignity for the most vulnerable Palestinians in the West Bank through

  1. The construction of water transmission and distribution of water lines to replace the old and worn-out plastic lines;
  2. Establishing a chlorination system of the village spring which is considered the second source of water for the villages;
  3. Minimizing the cost of water for families who are overburdened and forced to buy water at a very high cost during the summer.

Since this project is comprehensive, it gives special attention to hygiene education and institutional WASH facilities in schools. This project will adopt a participatory approach by giving school students important roles in disseminating hygiene messages; providing a training of trainer course (TOT) to the students; distributing of hygiene kits; and rehabilitating the drinking facilities in the five schools in order to provide them with safe water and adequate sanitation. At the community level, this project will promote hygiene education through the establishment of a community-based hygiene hub..