Contracting party:         Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development
Funded By:                      Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development
Starting Date:                 November 2020
Ending Date:                    October 2021

The project “Using Green and Environmental Technologies to Obtain Energy, Water and Food in a Sustainable Manner”. This project is being implemented by the Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem (ARIJ) and funded by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development. It is consider as a glimmer of hope for the marginalized groups and the most in need of assistance, at a time when the Palestinian people and all the peoples of the world suffer from instability in all aspects of economic, social, health and psychological life. The project targets Charitable institutions sponsoring marginalized people (elder, orphanage, and handicapped people) and cooperatives that provide assistance and services to marginalized groups through providing developmental and green based projects in the fields of renewable energy, green agriculture, wastewater treatment and reuse, which contributes to improving the living, nutritional, environmental, and economic standards of marginalized groups in Palestinian society.