Contracting party:         United Palestinian Appeal (UPA)
Funded By:                      United Palestinian Appeal (UPA)
Starting Date:                 February 2022
Ending Date:                   October 2022

The overall objective of the project is to support 26 poor households in marginalized communities of Bethlehem Governorate (Marah Muala, Um Slamouna, Al-Ma’sarah), through the implementation of home-based and urban agro-technologies as safe gardening practices. the project is going to establish 16 home gardens and 10 wicking bed systems. The benefiting vulnerable families will become producing part of their needs from vegetables to secure more access to food and reduce their expenditures on food. Thus, the project will contribute to improving their food security and livelihood. The direct target of the project is that at least 60% of the beneficiary families start producing and consuming vegetables during the second part of Ramadan month and all of them will continue their production during and after the project period in a sustainable approach.