Contracting party:         Welfare Association (Taawon)
Funded By:                      Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development
Starting Date:                 October 2021
Ending Date:                   October 2022

“Towards a renaissance of safe agricultural products for agricultural cooperatives and families in Area “C”” is an Arab fund for Economic and Social Development funded project which is implemented by the Welfare Association (Taawon) in partnership with Applied Research Institute – ARIJ, Land Research Centre (LRC), MA’AN Developmental Centre and the Palestinian Hydrology Group (PHG).

This project aims to enhance the living, economic and environmental standards in the targeted Palestinian governorates (Bethlehem, Hebron, Al-Aghwar (Tubas and Jericho), and Jerusalem) by implementing developmental activities for the agricultural cooperatives and supporting rural families that lack food security in the marginalized areas and area “C” with focus on the Palestinian women and youth. The planned activities are matching the needs of targeted families and cooperatives to contribute to the development of the national economy, improving the standard of living and increasing food security through using environmentally sound practices and green agro-technology to reach a sustainable Palestinian society.

This project is expected to achieve the following outcomes:

Outcome 1: Cooperatives are able to continue providing quality services to the community and the agricultural sector, through an efficient internal and management systems, producing and marketing their products through new and active marketing channels and focusing on the connections with the farmers.

Outcome 2: The targeted Families have the ability to produce safe agricultural products that contribute to securing self-produced qualitative and quantitative food and have the practical ability to communicate with other farmers and local cooperatives.