The report has been prepared as part of “Strengthening of the Commercial and Marketing capacities of small and medium vulnerable Palestinian farmers from the Tubas Region through trade to the Israeli and International Markets” project, where five agricultural cooperatives located in six villages were targeted in the north-eastern part of the Jordan Valley: Bardala, Kardala, Ain Albayda, Wadi al Far’a and Tammun from Tubas Governorate and Furush Beit Dajan from Nablus Governorate.
The report discusses how agriculture is a fundamental part of the Palestinian economy, especially in the northern part of the West Bank, and the targeted villages are part of this area. It discusses the status of Agricultural production and marketing in the North-eastern Jordan Valley Area through analysis of the Project’s Village Profiles, marketing system and channels in the Northern Jordan Valley, and microbial and chemical residues test. In its second part, the report presents information about studies on Agro-Marketing Systems in the West Bank. In addition, it gives some conclusions and recommendations for improving the Palestinian agro-marketing system.

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