Climate change refers to long-term fluctuations in temperature, precipitation, wind, and other elements of the Earth’s climate system (Beaulant et al., 2008). It is recognized as a major issue of global concern with serious and long-term challenges that have the potential to affect every part ;of the globe; including the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt). Climate varies naturally on all timescales; as a result of changes climate elements which is ranging from decades to millions of years. However, human influences, including industrial zones and activities and urbanization, along with Israeli destructive practices are thought to be bringing about a rapid change in the climate, due to massive emissions of greenhouse gases. This has both direct and indirect long-term climatic impacts on every region of the globe, causing alteration of oceanic and atmospheric currents that lead to ,shifts in precipitation patterns and changes in air temperature which will augment evapo-transpiration reducing infiltration and aquifers recharge (IPCC 2007); The decrease of the annual average rate of precipitation in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is expected to reach between 10.(20% (IPCC, 2007 – .Drought is a condition resulting from changes in the climate which entails limited amounts of precipitation generally for an extended period of time When a region is experiencing a drought, its ecosystems, agriculture and economy are all vulnerable to damages. Many studies and projections showed that the Middle East is among the most susceptible regions to persistent droughts, desertification, and water scarcity. Global climate change is increasingly affecting the status of water security especially in regions were water is already scarce: “with the Middle East being the world’s most water-stressed region, climate change will contribute to even greater water stress in the region” (Freimuth et al., 2007). Since the results of a drought are still largely unpredictable, as its impacts are related to the length of time of its occurrence and its intensity, developing a monitoring.system as well as implementing preventative and mitigation measures presents a difficult task.

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