Mrs. Mo’ab Salah

Home Gardens producing food and make happiness

Success Story

Mrs. Salah is one of the beneficiary farmers from the summer home gardens intervention. She’s from Al-Khader village in Bethlehem. Mrs. Mo’ab is 55 years old; she’s a farmer and a housewife for a family of 15 members living in the same house (9 boys and 6 girls).

Two of the household’s members are workers and they contribute to the household income while the father is a farmer who works in piece of land planted with grape trees. The land contributes with 50% in the family’s income.

Two of the family members are still students; five are below the age of 14 .

Mrs. Salah with her husband and family in their home garden

Mrs. Salah expressed that “we gained a good experience in managing a home garden and in food processing through the field visits and training courses provided by the staff of ARIJ”.

Stored and frozen food commodities made by Mrs. Salah

Mrs. Salah added that the production of the home garden was 593 kg with the value of $424 approximately, 50% of the amount of production was utilized for the family consumption which covered 100% of the family consumption during the three months of production. 16% of the production was distributed as gifts to the relatives while the remainder was sold to the people of the village. Some of the produced commodities were either stored or frozen to be used at another time of the year.

Mrs. Salah also stated that “the amount of money that was saved from buying vegetables was utilized in purchasing other commodities such as meat, fruits, and medicine for my husband who suffers from back pain”.

Mrs. Salah ends her conversation by saying that” the project gave us the chance to utilize additional space of the land, and to benefit from the production inputs provided by the project in order to improve our household living conditions and food security status”.

Mrs. Salah in her home garden with the project coordinator from ARIJ