In February 2023, an inspiring journey began in Al Ma’sarah town, Bethlehem. Mohammad, a hardworking farmer supporting a family of six, found himself at decisive moment. With his sole income source tied to agriculture, he faced financial challenges. That year, Mohammad was selected as a beneficiary for a greenhouse rehabilitation project through the project titled “Climate Resilient Agriculture for enhancing resilience, and supporting livelihoods in Palestine”. With modest expectations, he decided to breathe new life into his half-dunum greenhouse by planting tomatoes. His dedication and care paid off, yielding promising results.

With a practical approach, Mohammad decided to plant tomatoes in his half-dunum greenhouse. He diligently cared for his crops, and the results began to show. By September 2023, he had harvested 250 kilograms of tomatoes, and the following month, he harvested an impressive 500 kilograms. Taking his tomatoes to the Hebron market, Mohammad sold them at an average price of 4.5 NIS per kilogram, earning around 3,375 NIS during September and October. These earnings made a significant impact on his life. Mohammad used a portion of the funds to alleviate a personal debt that had been a burden. The rest went toward covering essential greenhouse expenses such as fertilizers and seedlings.

In his own words, Mohammad expressed his gratitude and happiness with the project, extending his heartfelt thanks to ARIJ and the World Food Programme (WFP). Their support and assistance had not only breathed new life into his greenhouse but had also brought prosperity to his family, giving them the hope of a brighter and more secure future.

Mohammad’s journey is a testament to the power and effectiveness of provided support and hard work. His story is one of resiliency by demonstrating how determined individuals can improve their lives and provide for their families.