In the heart of Um Salamona, situated in Bethlehem governorate, a remarkable story of resilience and determination unfolds. Meet Hayan, a dedicated family man who transformed his life from being an employee to a thriving agricultural entrepreneur, proving that with the right mindset and support, dreams can indeed bloom.

Hayan’s story began as the breadwinner for his family of six, shouldering the responsibility of four children. For seven years, he worked as an employee, dedicating himself to a job that provided stability but lacked the fulfillment he desired. However, in April 2023, a decision took root in his mind – a decision that would reshape his destiny.

With strong determination, Hayan chose to bid farewell to his employee status and return to his agricultural roots. He couldn’t resist the charm of working on the land, nurturing life from the soil, and feeling nature’s rhythm. This choice was a big change in his life. He started a new journey, taking a path that not many choose, with only his determination and a dream.

Through the MCC project titled “Building resilience to enhance food security and nutrition of poor families through Practicing Innovative Green Agro-Technologies in Palestine-II”, he was provided with all the necessary resources through the project, he cultivated a 400m² home garden where he grew squash as a major planted crop, and a small area of tomatoes, and eggplants. The summer of 2023 arrived, and with it came the harvest that would define Hayan’s success story. He reaped 1,470 kg of squash, a testament to his dedication and hard work. Turning produce into profit, he earned 8,100 NIS from his harvest.

However, Hayan’s journey was far from over. Empowered by his success, he reinvested his earnings wisely. He used the earned money to plant a bigger piece of land measuring one dunum where he purchased a used irrigation network and seeds of beans.

Hayan’s journey to success is also a tale of family unity and shared dreams. Hayan’s wife plays a big part in his success story. Hayan shared, “I plant, and she helps in picking.” Side by side, they have brought determination and teamwork together, creating the foundation of their successful journey.