50 Years Of Occupations – Info Graphics

When the Palestinian engaged the peace process in 1993, they anticipated the emergence of their Palestinian State within five years time on the 22% of Palestine’s land occupied by Israel on June 5, 1967 with East Jerusalem as its capital. [...]

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Opportunities and Challenges of Palestinian Development actions in Area C

In recent years, Area C has emerged as a key priority for both the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and for the international actors in the development sectors. The Palestinian development of Area C is critical to empower existing Palestinian communities [...]

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SwitchMed Training Program

دعوة لتقديم طلبات: "إطلاق مبادرات ومشاريع مشتركة حول الابتكار البيئي الاجتماعي" (18 آذار إلى 21 آذار 2017) هل تريد ان تلعب دورا كبيرا في تحول مجتمعك المحلي نحو أساليب حياتية أكثر استدامة؟ هل لديك فكرة مشروع او مبادرة مبتكرة تعزز [...]

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