ARIJ participated in the IUCN World Conservation Congress 2016

The Applied Research Institute- Jerusalem (ARIJ) participated in the IUCN World Conservation Congress 2016 1-10 September 2016 - Hawaii, USA شارك معهد الأبحاث التطبيقية - القدس (أريج) في المؤتمر العالمي لحفظ الطبيعة لعام 2016 1-10 أيلول 2016 - هاواي، الولايات [...]

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Report on UNCTAD assistance to the Palestinian people: Developments in the economy of the Occupied Palestinian Territory

In 2015, Israel withheld Palestinian fiscal revenue for four months, donor aid declined and Israeli settlements continued to expand into the Occupied Palestinian Territory, while poverty and unemployment remained high. The Occupied Palestinian Territory continued to be a captive market [...]

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ARIJ’s Yearly Message on the Occasion of World Day to Combat Desertification, 2016

World Day to Combat Desertification (WDCD) is celebrated every year on June 17. The WDCD is a United Nations observance each year. Its purpose is to highlights ways to prevent desertification and recover from drought. The focus this year “Inclusive [...]

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The Segregation Wall impacts on Palestinian Environment

The Palestinian environment has been a victim of Israel’s occupation policies and practices. These practices of occupation and control has systematically impeded the development and conservation of Palestinian natural resources. The fragmentation of the Palestinian landscape has had a significant [...]

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ARIJ institute sign’s partnership agreement with Polish center for international aid

Director General of ARIJ Dr. Jad Isaac signed a strategic partnership agreement with Ms. Anna Radecka representative of the Polish center for international aid (PCPM). The Project is co-financed by the Polish development cooperation programme / Ministry of Foreign Affairs [...]

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During the year 2015, the Water and Environmental Research Department has updated the Environmental Profile to incorporate a comprehensive time sequence order for the state of the environment in Palestine. This present update of the Environmental Profile “The Status of [...]

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ARIJ held a Workshop to Create a Palestinian Working Group for Renewable Energy

Ramallah, June, 1, 2016. ARIJ held a workshop to create a Renewable Energy Working Group in Palestine, as part of the project activities entitled “Improving the capacities of local authorities to develop and implement sustainable energy efficiency practices and renewable [...]

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