Contracting party:         Care International
Funded By:                      United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs – OCHA
Starting Date:                 January 2023
Ending Date:                   September 2023

This project is urgently needed to mitigate the loss of livelihoods of the small-size farmers and herders in Area C communities adjacent to settlements, who are directly affected by the ever-increasing settler violence, and movement restrictions in the West Bank and are at high protection risk of having their land and structures confiscated/demolished. This is in addition to experiencing prolonged effects of the COVID-19 crisis that has had a profound negative impact on the Palestinian economy pushing many community members below the poverty line. The project will help contribute to protecting these communities from the risk of evacuation/forcible transfer by improving their food production through the rehabilitation of agricultural infrastructure (roads, water, greenhouses, livestock shelter/barns), agricultural inputs (milk powder) and income-generating opportunities. In doing so, the project will benefit community members at the individual household level (inputs) and at the community level, by improving access to resources, water, and land (rehabilitation of roads and water tanks).