February 2024 ” Agricultural Training and Input Provision for 200 HHs in Bethlehem Governorate-Palestine to Ensure Food Security in a time of Livelihood and Supply Chain Crisis”

Contracting party: Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Funded By: Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Starting Date: December 2023 Ending Date: February 2024 This project is essential in response to the severe socioeconomic challenges faced by individuals who were previously employed in the [...]

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December 2023 ” Improving livelihoods and enhancing the resilience of vulnerable farmers and herders in area C in the South of West Bank “

Contracting party: Care International Funded By: United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - OCHA Starting Date: June 2023 Ending Date: December 2023 The proposed project aims to protect the communities in South Hebron Governorate from the risk [...]

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December 2024 ” Climate Resilient Agriculture (CRA) project for enhancing resilience, local food production, and income of the most climate-vulnerable communities in Palestine”

Contracting party: World Food Program (WFP) Funded By: World Food Program (WFP) Starting Date: June 2023 Ending Date: December 2024 This project represents an ongoing collaboration between the World Food Program (WFP) and ARIJ, which was initially established in 2019 [...]

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December 2025 ” Masterplan development for industrial wastewater management in Wadi Zomer catchment in Palestine for environmental protection and addressing transboundary inequalities “

Contracting party: IHE Delft Institute Funded By: The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs Partner Organization: IHE Delft Institute, Palestinian Water Authority, ARIJ, House of Water and Environment (HWE), Wadi Zomer Joint Service Council for Wastewater Services(WZJSC), and Wageningen University Department [...]

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September 2023 “Enhancing resilience and food security for vulnerable farmers and herders who live in Area C communities in Nablus and Tubas (North Jordan Valley) governorates”

Contracting party:         Care International Funded By:                      United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - OCHA Starting Date:                 January 2023 Ending Date:      [...]

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March 2024 ” Building resilience to enhance food security and nutrition of poor families through Practicing Innovative Green Agro-Technologies in Palestine-II. (PIGAT-II). “

Contracting party:         Mennonite Central Committee Funded By:                      Mennonite Central Committee Starting Date:                 April 2021 Ending Date:                   March [...]

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