Contracting party: We Effect
Funded By: We Effect
Starting Date: January 2023
Ending Date: December 2027

This project is a continuation of previous phases and remains unique as the sole initiative focusing on good governance in cooperatives. It operates on principles of local empowerment, participatory governance, demand-responsiveness, and enhanced local capacity.

The overarching goal of this project is to actively contribute to just, resilient, and sustainable rural development in Palestine by 2027. The aim is to be a voice and provide quality services, ensuring the right to food for all rights-holders, with a particular emphasis on women and young people. This goal is informed by the experiences and feedback received during the previous project (2018-2022), which highlighted the crucial role of ARIJ as a platform and advocate for the rights-holders. Their aspirations and input will continue to shape the proposed project and guide other actions undertaken by ARIJ. Furthermore, recognizing the importance of empowering the targeted rights-holders, the specific objective of this project is to create a better enabling environment that addresses the priorities of Palestinian cooperatives by 2027.

The project is organized into four result areas, each with its own focus and objectives:

Result Area 1: Organizational Governance and Capacity Development

Result Area 2: Food Security and Sustainable Livelihoods

Result Area 3: Climate Change and Resilience

Result Area 4: Gender Equality and Human Rights