Contracting party: Care International
Funded By: United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs – OCHA
Starting Date: June 2023
Ending Date: December 2023

The proposed project aims to protect the communities in South Hebron Governorate from the risk of evacuation or forced transfer by enhancing their food production. This will be achieved through the restoration of essential agricultural infrastructure such as agricultural roads, water systems, and livestock shelters. Additionally, the project will provide agricultural inputs like milk powder and milk stainless steel jars, as well as income-generating opportunities for the community. These efforts will benefit individual households by improving access to resources, water, and land, and by helping them become more productive and food secure. Moreover, the project will have a positive impact on the community as a whole through various interventions. The project’s design has been developed in close consultation with community members in the targeted areas, ensuring the active participation of women, men, and youth. Collaboration has also been established with the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) and Hebron directorates, including their technical teams.

The project will focus on rehabilitating agricultural assets, roads, and water facilities to benefit 390 farming households, comprising 1,833 individuals, across five localities: Umm Sedri, Arab Al-Furayjat, Al-Rahwa, and Khallet Taha, within the South Hebron Governorate. Key activities of the project include the restoration of 16 public rainwater cisterns, the rehabilitation of 5 kilometers of agricultural roads, and the construction of 40 sheds/barns. Furthermore, the project aims to provide special inputs and services such as milk powder and milk jars to support 80 farmers and herders.