The Dilemma of Land Registration in the West Bank

The paper presents the dilemma of land administration in general and land registration in particular, which are some of the weakened capacities due to occupation in Palestine. Since an adequate, credible and sustainable land registration system is the foundation of any developmental [...]

January 20, 2009|2009 Papers|

Particulate Matter Emission in the West Bank

The aim of this study is to measure and evaluate the effect of different particle sources on the ambient particle concentration. Measurements in different places in the governorate of Bethlehem were made and the values were compared to international standards and guidelines. [...]

January 20, 2009|2009 Papers|

Geo-Demographical Outlook for Jerusalem

Jerusalem is an epicenter of a series of contested confrontations and events both from the past and throughout modern history; today it is a living paradigm of distinctive apartheid that is epitomized, among many of its other forms, in the urban planning [...]

January 15, 2008|2008 Papers|
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